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Kidney Disease-Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO): New Directions about IgAN Treatment and Why it Matters to Me

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This patient education program is sponsored by Travere Therapeutics.
Produced in collaboration with KDIGO, IgA Nephropathy Foundation, NephCure, and Travere

While a diagnosis of for IgA nephropathy (IgAN) can be overwhelming, certain medications can help slow its course. In addition, there are numerous steps patients can take to keep the disease under control, such as managing blood pressure and reducing cholesterol levels. Join a panel of expert faculty, a patient advocate, and a patient for , “Kidney Disease-Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO): New Directions about IgAN Treatment and Why it Matters to Me,” to find out about the latest ways to combat IgAN including a treatment just approved by the FDA.

The hour-long presentation consists of 4 easy-to-understand modules on the guideline-driven management of IgAN and finding the best treatment for each patient:

  1. Module 1, “Why Is the KDIGO Guideline Important to Patients with IgAN?”
  2. Module 2, “Understanding IgAN,”
  3. Module 3, “What Does KDIGO Say About IgAN Treatment?
  4. Module 4, “What’s New and What’s Next to Reduce Proteinuria?”

Learning objectives for this program include:

  • Understand that protein in your urine is a symptom of IgA nephropathy (IgAN) that needs to be addressed early
  • Understand how the KDIGO Clinical Practice Guideline for the Management of Glomerular Diseases helps you and your doctor make management decisions
  • Explore how new treatments for IgAN may help reduce protein in urine and slow the progression of IgAN

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  • Chapter 1

    Why is the KDIGO Guideline Important to Patients with lgA Nephropathy (lgAN)?

  • Chapter 2

    Understanding lgA Nephropathy

  • Chapter 3

    What Does KDIGO Say About lgAN Treatment?

  • Chapter 4

    What's New and What's Next to Reduce Proteinuria?


Jonathan Barratt, PhD, FRCP

The Mayer Professor of Renal Medicine
University of Leicester, UK

Professor Jonathan Barratt is the Mayer Professor of Renal Medicine and leads the Renal Research Group within the College of Life Sciences, University of Leicester. Also, he is the Honorary Consultant Nephrologist at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust. Professor Barratt is an internationally recognized nephrologist, with a wealth of clinical, research and teaching experience. His research is focused on a bench to bedside approach to improving our understanding of the pathogenesis of IgA nephropathy a common global cause of kidney failure. Professor Barratt is the IgA nephropathy Rare Disease Group lead for the UK National Registry of Rare Kidney Diseases (RaDaR) and a member of the steering committee for the International IgA Nephropathy Network.

Brad Rovin, MD, FASN, FACP

Professor of Medicine and Pathology The Lee A. Hebert Professor of Nephrology Director, Division of Nephrology Medical Director, The Wexner Medical Center for Clinical Research Management

Brad Rovin, MD, FACP, FASN, is the Lee A. Hebert Professor of Nephrology. Dr. Rovin joined the Washington University College of Medicine Faculty in 1990, became Director of the Division of Nephrology in 2004, and served as Vice Chairman of Medicine for Research. Also, he is the Medical Director of the Ohio State University Clinical Research Management Institute. Dr. Rovin studies the immunopathogenesis of glomerular and autoimmune diseases and is heavily involved in clinical trial development and design for investigator-initiated and industry sponsored trials. He is a founding member of NephroNet, a nephrology community clinical trial organization, and the Lupus Nephritis Clinical Trials Network. He is the Principal Investigator on many trials of new therapeutics for glomerular diseases.

Stuart Miller

Director of Strategic Planning
IGA Nephropathy Foundation

Stuart Miller is an advocate for National Kidney Foundation and an ambassador for American Association of Kidney Patients. He was appointed as the Director of Strategic Planning and Government Affairs for the IGA Nephropathy Foundation. Stuart was diagnosed with IGA Nephropathy in 2008 and was able to manage his IGA until 2018. Thanks to his wife Carole and the Paired Kidney Donor Exchange, Stuart was able to have a preemptive transplant at Emory Hospital in Atlanta. He became an ambassador to help spread the word about organ donation and to encourage patients to become their own advocates as well as to help work on legislation that will improve the lives of others who live with kidney disease. In addition to his advocacy work, Stuart and his wife own a wholesale home décor business.

Malkia White

Kidney Health Advocate and Transplant Recipient

Malkia White is a kidney health advocate and kidney transplant recipient. She has been on her IgA nephropathy journey for most of her life, diagnosed with Berger’s Disease as a child. For decades, she managed her disease, but she experienced renal failure and was on hemodialysis from for almost two years. Then, she was blessed to receive a kidney transplant after being on the UNOS wait list for almost four years. She educates, volunteers, and shares her story through her Living Kidney Donor campaign entitled #ThatGirlNeedsAKidney. Malkia regularly serves as an invited panelist and speaker at various patient health events, symposiums, and IgA nephropathy conferences and summits nationally and internationally. She is an ambassador for the American Kidney Fund, Donate Life America, and UNOS.

Gina Krysl

Interview Participant: Gina Krysl, Parent




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