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It’s Not in Your Head! How to Manage Your Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria and Feel Better

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Produced in partnership with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA)
This patient education program is supported by a sponsorship from Genentech, a member of the Roche Group.

Patients with chronic spontaneous urticaria, or CSU, often feel powerless to combat the hives and painful swelling that can affect their appearance and the quality of their lives. Getting a diagnosis can be hard and, even with a diagnosis, commonly used treatments may provide little or no relief.

There is a way to get some help. Patients and caregivers need to stay informed of recommended and newer treatments. Doing this allows them to communicate effectively with their doctors and other healthcare providers. Patients can help select treatments that work best for them. Want to learn how? Join us for a live webinar featuring a doctor, a patient advocacy representative, and a patient with CSU who will discuss the latest information about CSU from causes to treatments.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand that chronic spontaneous urticaria, or CSU, affects only the skin, hives may disappear over time, and usually no specific cause can be identified
  • Engage with your health care provider to obtain appropriate treatments with prompt dose increases
  • Understand when you may qualify for a biologic treatment

Other topics discussed include:

  • Types of urticaria
  • Difficulty diagnosing
  • First-line treatment options
  • Signs that you should change treatment
  • Biologics and how they affect CSU
  • The role of T2 inflammation
  • Positioning and role of TSLP

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  • Chapter 1

    Understanding Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria What Is Happening to Me?

  • Chapter 2

    Treatment Options for CSU


Luz Fonacier, MD

Professor of Medicine
NYU Long Island School of Medicine
Head of Allergy and Training Program Director
NYU Langone Health-Long Island

Sanaz Eftekhari

Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Research
Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

Sanaz Eftekhari, vice president of Corporate Affairs and Research at AAFA, leads tactical and strategic conversations with business partners and stakeholders across multiple industries. She has been instrumental in working with AAFA’s partners to present patient perspectives on the needs for atopic dermatitis treatments to the US Food and Drug Administration. In a greater effort to connect patients with vital clinical trials, Sanaz has been a key player in the development of AAFA’s upcoming clinical trial database. She has led AAFA’s involvement in the CIU & You campaign since its launch in 2015, co-authored several key AAFA research reports, and serves as secretary on the Board of Directors for the Global Allergy & Airways Patient Platform (GAAPP).

Carolyn Owen

Patient with Chronic Autoimmune Urticaria



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